SIM not supported and could not exit from SIM not supported page


I have been without a phone number and internet for more than a week. Bought an iphone 14 from visible, porting out from verizon into visible. Once customer service says transfer is done, I went in to activate my esim then the activation failed and I am locked in the SIM not supported page, can't exit and cant even go into setting to do anything. I went into apple store twice, they said its carrier lock issue, they have to unlock my phone to reactivate your esim. I contacted the support everyday and they say they are fixing it but no help after a week, please help if you have any other solution!


Novice II

I was thinking that even though they say my number has ported from Verizon I was thinking that maybe it ia not? Because only people I know that have Verizon are able to get my texts as texts. Friends that are ATT are getting my texts as an email. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

No idea, I returned my phone because they dont have a solution for me.