Samsung Galaxy S21 - SM-G991U1 (US version)

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Why would a factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21 - SM-G991U1 (US version) not be compatible with Visible 5G plans?  Bought renewed from Amazon with 90 day guarantee.  I can't afford Visible phone prices.  If not this phone, what spec will guarantee compatibility with Visible?


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Newer iPhone US unlocked model will pass for sure if getting a physical SIM, it won't ask for an IMEI number unless you get eSIM then it will ask. Pixel phones should, I looked up a few used 6A and 7 on eBay and checked about 6 or 7 that listed an IMEI number and they all passed so would assume new ones would also. Motorola will not pass the IMEI checker unless you buy it from Visible. I am guessing Samsung might be treated like Motorola but can't say for sure as I never researched them. 


You could contact customer service but I am sure they will tell you what the compatibility checker tells you. Your phone will likely work without issue on the new network but Visible has decided not keep their IMEI database up to date. It you manage to get a card for it the phone I believe Visible considers it unapproved since it doesn't pass the checker.

Customer service DID only tell me what the compatibility checker said.  But they had no other reasonable explanation.  If I buy a device that Visible says will give me access to their 5G plan, that seems to be an implied contract.  If the reason to reject access is unintentional say, for not updating their database, that’s their fault.  If it’s intentional say, for steering phone sales to them, then that seems to be misrepresentation and possible unfair trade/business practice. If Visible wants to give me a reasonable explanation, I’m all ears.  Otherwise, I will research the next step.

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Saying what is compatible and what is not really is not considered a contract.


I have argued this point to them on three occasions because of my phone, a Motorola G power 2021, that I bought from them July 2021 showed not compatible last fall after they change over their system to the Verizon core that the new plans run on. first time I contacted them last October and asked why such a new phone was not compatible, the agent told me it didn't have the right technology. I ask what technology that was, was told it has to do with the firmware and software in the phone. I contacted them again at the end of the year or beginning of this year because I thought that was when the old system was being shut down. Complained again about this situation, I was told that time that they were working as fast as they could to get phones from the old list moved to the new as fast as possible. My phone may be compatible well it still shows it isn't. A few weeks ago on their Reddit page I sent customer service another DM on their and got into another argument about the IMEI database not being up to date. Was told they optimize phones to be used on their network. I then asked, so you open every box and program the phone because the manufacturers certainly aren't doing that. No response to that. I told them even though I bought a new phone when I got the card for the new plan I put it in the 2021  model that showed not compatible and activated it without issue and that their database for the checker is not up to date and forcing people to buy their phones. The response I got is that if I had any issues using an unapproved phone I would not get help from them to help correct it. 


I do know that after having a conversation with Motorola customer service about 3 weeks ago that they actually make their phone models with specific models numbers made for Visible. So a Motorola Stylus 5G bought from Visible will have a different model number and will pass the checker and a phone bought from Motorola or Best Buy will have a different model number even though it is the same phone. That is why 5 months ago after checking close to 100 Motorola phones on eBay of phone models that Visible sells on their site, I only found one phone that passed the checker and it happened to have been sold to that person by Visible. I did try to find some Samsung phones last night that listed IMEI numbers but only found one that had it listed, an S22 and it did pass the checker. I spent an hour last night looking at various phones but not too many sellers list that number.


There is a way around the checker and that is to lie to it and say you have an iPhone 12(not 14), it will pass the checker all together, ask for a SIM to be sent because you can't use eSIM, that asks for the number and you won't pass. Will your phone activate, I don't know and I can't say for sure. I know a G Power 2021 will as I did it. Even though you said your phone is unlocked it might not be since you bought refurbished. I am not totally sure about how to check but try settings, about phone and SIM status and see if it shows anything.


Whether or not Visible is trying to get phone sales I don't know but it is possible. I feel what they are doing to us customers, or new customers, is not right. I did buy that one phone real cheap I found on eBay and will stick it out here because it is cost effective for me. 

I also bought a Samsung s21 for mandatory upgrade. Visible's compatible checker said the device I bought was not compatible, too. I searched reddit and many people say visible compatibility checker is not up to date and some people said just get a new Sim and it worked. So I ordered a new Sim yesterday. I also checked my Galaxy s21 on Verizon's compatibility checker and it was compatible. I will try the new Sim works or not and let you know.

Did the new SIM work? 

come on Visible there is no reason this shouldn't work.  Get with it.


I also bought a galaxy s21 for mandatory upgrade. Visible's compatibility checker said it was not compatible. I tried Verizon compatibility cheker and it was compatible. I saw some people on reddit say visible compatibility checker is not up not date and it says not compatible, but new Sim actually worked on some people. So I decided to order new Sim to try it out. I ordered yesterday and currently waiting for the new one to arrive. I will let you know what happened later.

I could successfully migrate to my "incompatible" galaxy s21. I thought signal will be better than my last phone but it is not.

I ordered new Sim card with visible app. Don't sign in at first and go to "get started"(I believe) then choose IOS> iphoneSE(2022) so you don't have to put IMEI number to order new Sim. I signed in to my visible accout while this process of ordering new Sim. I could order new Sim with my visible account without go through IMEI  checker.


My unlocked S20+5g has shown up as not compatible through the imei checker up until I just tried it today and suddenly it passed allowing me to finally upgrade to the new plan without buying a new phone. Note that I have been using this phone for almost 2 years on visible after popping in sim from my original S9.