Hi! I traded my phone to Apple and the new one arrives tomorrow. When setting it up with the esim, do I choose my current provider or choose none/other? I wasn’t sure because: I have Verizon for my old phone so I would choose this if I was keeping it. Technically, on the new phone that arrives tomorrow, I don’t have any service. I want to make sure I set it up right and choose the correct option so that my current number, contacts, photos, apps etc all transfer. Thank you! 



I am not 100% positive, this might be a good case to contact both apple support and visible support.


Here is what I think:

1) If transferring from one apple device to another, using the icloud or other means of direct phone to phone transfer, I don't think it will matter what service you selected.  As phones/data on them operate separately of cellular service.

2) If you have not started the number porting process and need to keep cell service, I would select your current provider.

3) If you have started the number porting process AND have gotten 'clearance' from Visible and are ready to transfer your service over, I would select other and follow the steps for Visible.


I may be a little late to responding, but if you did figure it out already please share what you did so others may know the best path forward.


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