Super slow data on my iPhone 6a plus factory unlocked world phone


I’m only getting like 1 to 2 Mb per second down at about .4 Mb up .

I have reset the network settings and then restarted the phone I’ve also disabled the voice and data roaming ran a speed check theb reenable the with the same results this is horrible..


Boost Mobile which runs on Sprint and T-Mobile and typically get 10 to 15 Mb down and one to 5 Mb up on average…. the problem is their coverage is very sporadic that’s why I tried Visible I wanna have better network coverage in more places which doesn’t require a whole lot considering how horrible Sprint is…





What website did you use to measure internet speeds?

Do you have another unlocked phone to test with Visible SIM card?

I assume that you have a physical SIM card.


Network coverage varies with location, you are out of luck if you are in poor Verizon network coverage area. You may need to find other network operator which works well for you.


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It doesn't really mean you have poor connection it could be there is a lot of traffic ask anyone that has Verizon postpaid or upgrade to the 45 dollar plan and check if it's better 


@Shaggy - Can you clarify what Visible plan you have?  If you were a Visible Unlimited customer that upgraded to a new Visible plan, what speeds did you get before upgrading?  Thanks.


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