How are currant Visible users switching to new plan????


I'm just curious how currant Visible customers are switching to one of the new plans since there is no option to do it on the app and no option to do it on the web sight!! This is the very problem I started a ticket on back on the 17th that they still don't have an answer for and don't know why. 



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It was missing on my account page for while but is back after my case was "resolved". See my latest at:


FWIW, I was recently on the Best Buy and Walmart sites and noticed they are now offering the new Plans online (also Visible phones). Don't appear to be in stores yet a 3-5 day wait for in-store pickup. Something tells me Visible will soon have a physical presence there just like the rest.


If push comes to shove, On my renewal date, I'll be going that route with a new account since I don't need to port the existing number - I'm really still trialing Visible as a possible replacement for existing carrier.

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My guess is that they are having so many problems with people being out of service for several days when trying to switch, that they have now halted the ability for any other current customers to change until they get their systems in order.

I would agree.


I switched and the system got stuck during my activation. The new SIM card finally activated overnight, but by then, care had already placed an order for another new SIM(which won’t activate). Now, the “original” new SIM registers as Visible and I get a signal indicator, but no data, and any attempted calls return with a Verizon intercept message. I’m still waiting on care to resolve my open case, but they’ve issued credit for my time.

During the brief period that the first new SIM was working, I did see a dramatic improvement in ping, which was really nice.