Survey November 2022: Problems


Visible will give you $25 credit in their merchandise store if you answer this Survey.


If you are like me, you will encounter problems about 91% of the way through (when you've spent a good ten minutes or more answering). You'll be asked about your type of home and whether you buy, rent, or neither.


The instructions tell you what to do: Choose one. You may then find that the Survey will not accept your answer.  And there is no way to continue unless you do answer.


For me (you may have a different experience) choosing one didn't work. I had to choose Neither for all the other options.


This is not the only problem I encountered. And when - at the end of the Survey - I clicked the link to report my problems, the link didn't work.


It goes without saying that if a survey has problems of this kind, most respondents will simply bail on it, invalidating any conclusions that Visible may reach based on the answers they get.


It's not clear from the domain name associated with this Survey whether it came from Verizon/Visible or from someone contracted to do it. Regardless, if other people encounter problems like mine, the Survey will have been an expensive exercise in futility.








What survey are you talking about? Is it public? Or targeted for you?

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It would have been an email they sent you you were included in the survey. About 3 months ago I got an email about the survey and I took it to get the $25 for merch in the store and as I finished the survey it told me the survey had ended 3 days prior, funny I just got the email the day I took it and thought why they even sent me the survey. A day or two later I did get an email with a link for the credit but there wasn't anything it the store I really wanted and the one thing I wanted was out of stock. I forgot about the credit and checked not too long ago and of course it expired. You end up paying shipping unless you order more than the $25.