Swap old phone and join party?


I have a Visible plan here (and love it)! I'm going to get my sister and eventually my mother, and other family members to join my party, but they have burner phones. I checked the IMEIs and they wouldn't work on Visible. I figure the cheapest way to join in is to do the swap. Question is, are they obligated to set up their own plans if they swap, or can they immediately jump on my party for all of us to enjoy the discount?



I am not 100% sure what you are asking, so here goes:


-Each account must have their own email address.


-They can jump on your party, though I would also use your account for a referral. That way, in the first month, you both pay only $5 for service.


-Another way to save a couple of bucks is to sign up for a Rakuten account. Here is one example of joining Rakuten first: https://community.visible.com/t5/Savings-Spot/Let-s-both-get-service-for-one-month-for-5-Save-more-b...


-One last thought, depending on what group you are in, be sure it has at least ten members. It is just easier for you. If someone leaves in a four person group, you are then scrambling to find a replacement.