Have Verizon now. iPhone 11:pro. Looking to lower cost of plan. I know visible uses Verizon network so coverage should be good. My questions are can I still get calls on both numbers as well as texts. Like if family has trial number and work as Verizon number will I get calls and text on both still. Second if each line needs it own  account or email to sign up csn I still have one just for all the billing or each account gets own bill 


Verizon actually owns Visible. 


If you are using dual SIMs, the Visible and the Verizon plan on the same phone I believe only the SIM that is active will receive calls and texts, the other number I believe calls go to voicemail and texts are just stored until that SIM is active again but I am not 100% sure as I never have done dual SIM.


As far as accounts go Visible is single line accounts, each account needs a separate email address and are billed separately. You can of course use the same form of payment for all accounts. 

I think my phone is one esim and one physical sim. So guess would have to chose at time which account to be active for calls or text 

Yes, I am not up that tech and how dual SIMs work but from what I read it is what is selected for carrier on phone. iPhones do work different than my Android so maybe Google if you can get notifications on both even if one is selected as in use. You could also try the Visible page on Reddit, a lot more users there with a lot more knowledge than I have.