Unable to text


*Please excuse me while I rant* I am so incredibly frustrated. I just swapped to the iPhone 14 Pro Max and I cannot text or access the internet at all but I'm able to send and recieve phone calls. I have, at this point, bought two new iPhone 14 Pro Maxes thinking the first one (which I am returning) was a fluke only to have the exact same thing happen to the second. I just started back in my old job which causes me to rely HEAVILY on my phone. Now I have been without service for THREE DAYS. I am normally very understanding but leaving someone without service for days is a bit ridiculous. I've waited in chat for multiple hours at a time and gotten absolutley nowhere. I know I'm not the only one with this issue but holy ****, get it together. I'm sim locked to visible for 60 days with this new phone and after that I'm seriously considering swapping to another carrier. I may even just return the second iPhone and buy one from another carrier anyway.



I would suggest you do a chat session. Had similar issues with my iPhone SE 2022. This was after 2-3 months of flawless service with Visible. The issue was on their end, no magical reset on the iPhone.