Upgrade rendered phone unable to receive text & now enforced 2-step authentication


Upgrade last night didn't work and iPhone SE no longer able to receive/send phone calls or texts. Now Visible has chosen to force implementation of 2-step authentication (you can't opt out of the prompts).  It requires me to enter a code that it's sending to a phone that can no longer receive texts, so I can no longer log into my account.  Is Verizon forcing Visible to shed customers?  


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Contact customer service and have them temporarily disable 2FA and then have them look into your issue.


Verizon certainly wouldn't be forcing Visible to shed customers, why would they when they are offering better deals on their two plans to draw in more customers. Last month they certainly wouldn't put out $5 off basic and $10 off the premium plan if they were trying to dump customers. Their customer service does that for them which is why they throw out more lucrative deals, it's a viscous circle.