Upgrade and 2FA problems!




I started the upgrade to a new network and things went very wrong. It started to upgrade but failed to finish, and I let it run all night to no avail. I now have no service nor an esim! Furthermore, whenever I sign back in to retry, it refuses to let me do anything until after I set up two factor authentication. Of course, this does not work because I cannot receive texts or calls. I tried contacting Visible but cannot get past the bot which cannot help me.


Any suggestions?




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When you have the chat box open type agent or live agent, you might have to type it more than once if it doesn't work the first time. Once you get in touch with someone have them disable the 2FA.

How do you get to the chat box when you can't get by the 2FA?

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If I don't put in my account name and password or since I have auto fill as long as I don't click continue the 2FA doesn't come up. Don't try signing in just click the chat box, if it asks it would be better to sign in to chat don't try signing in.


Otherwise type visible.com in the address bar and it will take you to Visible and not your account sign in. On that page click the drop down box for help and click help center, chat is on that page. If your sign in page pops up instead of the Visible page try typing visible.com again in the address bar.