Visible; Terrible Website, Terrible Support


I tried to sign up for the 15-day free trial for my father. It wouldn't let me as it stated the email is already in use by another account. So I tried to reset the password but it stated his email did not exist in the system. I then tried to sign up for the 15-day free trial for myself to at least show my father how great the Verizon network is in our area compared to the AT&T network that he currently uses on Cricket. I was able to get through the sign-up process using my email address. However, when attempting to activate my eSIM the Visible app stated that there was an issue and that I would need to contact customer care. I have attempted on numerous occasions via Chat support and Twitter support to have both of these cases rectified to no avail. 


Furthermore, when I attempt to sign in to the website on both my iPhone and my MacBook the page does not load and is permanently blank. I've tried multiple browsers on my MacBook and the issue occurs on all of them. Webkit, Chromium, Gecko; it makes no difference. As great as the Verizon network is, I cannot recommend strongly enough to stay far away from Visible. I know that Visible is digital only and thus has no brick-and-mortar stores to enter to receive help. However, it is unconscionable that they do not have phone support. Texting back and forth is not ideal to receive help when problems arise. Furthermore, I have discovered the available text support has been outsourced to Romania. The third-party contractors who make up the Visible care team do not understand the issues and are seemingly unable to resolve them. 


If you want in on the Verizon network I recommend Verizon proper or one of the various brands under the Tracfone Wireless portfolio. All of these other options utilize the Verizon network while also providing phone support. The best option, in my opinion, for prepaid Verizon service is Total by Verizon; a blatant marketing ripoff of Metro by T-Mobile. Total by Verizon has brick-and-mortar stores all across America as well as a functioning website. I know Visible is extremely cheap compared to other MVNOs in the market but it comes at a grave cost of customer satisfaction. The adage still rings true today; you get what you pay for, and with Visible you pay for it with your frustration and inability to resolve minor issues due to a lack of funding and resources given to the customer care department.



I had the same issues but you had. Hours on chat. Bad instructions. Drove to T-Mobile to get my account back. 

Novice II

Simply put, once an account is goes idle it gets banned. You can never register with that email ever again. At least that's what I got out of conversations after going in circles after creating an account but waiting a couple months to make the switch.

So if you signed up for an account (no actual purchase required) in the past and let it sit, it is banned.