Visible activation experience


I decided to find a replacement for my AT&T post-paid 6GB data plan to take advantage of WIFI calling (which I could not get with AT&T due to using a BYOD Moto G Power), get unlimited data and get a cheaper rate. Deciding to try Visible, I installed the Visible app and ordered a SIM with new number. I used a friend code to get the $5 first month rate. I did not want to port in my AT&T number until I was sure I liked the Visible service. The SIM arrived 2 days later, installed the SIM and activated via the Visible app. Entered my 911 location address and the WIFI calling was active. Used the service for a week and decided it was good and decided to port in my AT&T number. Used Visible chat and gave them the number, account number, billing ZIP code and PIN (or what I though was the PIN). I was told that the port could take up to 24 hours but was usually less. I would receive a email when the port was complete. Within 20 minutes I got an email that AT&T rejected the port due to a wrong PIN. I had supplied the 4 digit PIN I use to sign on to my AT&T account. Signed on to AT&T and discovered I needed a special 6 digit port out pin. Getting the PIN I went back to Visible chat and gave them the correct PIN.
Within 30 minutes I received an email saying the port was complete and to restart my phone to complete the process. Restarted phone but no joy, still working on the old number. Back to Visible chat. The rep said the service seemed to be working correctly. The rep asked me to verify my location ZIP and said that area has full over the air coverage. The problem is I have no coverage in my house and barely anything in my yard. Apparently to re-provision the SIM for the new number it is an over the air process and does not work on WIFI. I went out into the back yard, restarted my phone and Bingo!, new number was active. Had to reverify my 911 location and the WIFI calling was active.

Lessons learned: Make sure you get the port out PIN from your old carrier. If you need to re-provision your working SIM (as in a telephone number change), you must have an over the air signal for it to take affect.



Welcome aboard. Smart move to get a new number first & try the service out, before porting your daily driver number.

Intermediate II

Thanks for sharing your experience so far and also the invaluable tips to porting a number.




Awesome you got it working. Nice job Customer care. They should be given credit when they get it right.