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Launching Today: Annual Plan

Hey Visible community! We want to continue to give our members more options to pay for their service how they’d like, which is why we are launching our new Annual Plan option. To learn more about our new Annual Plan, keep reading! Plan Prices & Detai...


What the heck!?! I'm trying to pay for service, I'm stranded who knows where, this app and website are down and it's doesn't let me call anyone or do anything. Absurdly ridiculous Visible, I can't even call in to pay!!! Get this fixed ASAP! \\/\/\/ S...

Simple, basic 5G data phone

I'm planning on getting a Visible phone for data. Only data. It's not going to take pictures, or get phone calls, or send texts, or emails, or video conference, or play games, or anything else. Its just going to sit there, connected to a router, and ...

Disable International Roaming

Can you disable international roaming completely? Such that it does not connect to a tower or pickup a signal abroad? I see the Visible+ plan offers a global pass, but I would like to make sure my line does not roam internationally, and rely only on ...

Resolved! WIFI access

Hi, I am new to Visible. How do I get WIFI access on my phone when I am out and about? Am I expected to use my cellular data? If so, am I at risk of using too much data? Thank you,Doowops

Doowops by Novice II
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