Why does it say "Call Voicemail" iOS?


I have an iPhone 12 Mini operating on iOS 16. I recently switched to Visible. I have no idea when this happened, as it was definitely not like this before, but now, whenever I click on the voicemail section of my phone app, it only says "Call Voicemail" and absolutely nothing else.


I tapped the button, and it took me to an automated message stating something along the lines of "Welcome to the voicemail message management system. Please enter your inbox number."


I have no idea what that means. I tried typing in my phone password, as well as my phone number, and neither of them were considered valid numbers. I have absolutely no idea how to use this "feature" and why it was changed to this is beyond me.


I have tried to reset my network settings, and that changed nothing. I've done it twice, in fact.


I tried to change my VM password to try and set up my voicemail, but it just said "voicemail is unavailable" and wouldn't let me do anything further.


My voicemail is completely broken and I'm frustrated to tears because this happened without warning, while I have been waiting to try and listen to a voicemail that I'm not even sure I got from a doctor's office about my severe and incredibly important health issues. I need to make doctor's appointments and they need to be able to leave me voicemails because they most often call while I'm working, when I cannot answer the phone.


I have tried everything. I have exhausted every option within the past hour. Most of the methods given to me are ones I don't even have the *option* to do. The last thing is to call Visible, and there's not even a phone number at the bottom of the website to contact you with.


For the love of grod, fix this.


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You are in a peer to peer forum. There is no customer service here. Someone might be able to chime in that has an iPhone with the same issues. You have 3 options to get a hold of customer service and of course a phone number isn't one of them, try either chat, Twitter DM Facebook Messenger. Good luck!


Have same problem


Same problem