Wi-fi calling inquiry


I got the Wi-fi calling ready on my Iphone 13 Pro Max and setup my 911 address as required

How do I know if it is working?

On the top left corner of my Iphone where the carrier name is displayed....it is still saying Visible instead of Wi-fi calling....on my previous provider the carrier name changed from Mint Mobile being displayed on the top left corner of my Iphone to Wi-fi calling.

I need the Wi-fi calling because I am traveling to a foreign country....need to get SMS text messages from my banks while I am there. Will it work with visible? Wi-fi calling has worked with all the mobile providers I have had in foreign countries. Thank you


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I would power cycle your iPhone.

My iPhone SE 2022 displays “Visible WiFi” in the upper left corner and it is running iOS 15.7

I am on the new $30 plan and using an eSIM.

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A simple way is to put the device in airplane mode.


Then enable Wi-Fi alone. Now it should display Visible Wi-Fi.


For some reason Visible prefers to connect to cellular towers when network is available. It connects to Wi-Fi calling only when there is poor network.


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