consistently inconsistent vm notification


Voicemail on my first Moto G power on Visible worked flawlessly.


Last year I had to upgrade my phone so I got a Moto G Power 2022. Voice mail has been consistently inconsistent with vm msg notification sometimes taking hours to days to show up on my phone. I have had multiple chats with Visible to no avail. This week I didn't receive an important vm notification for almost 48 hrs. The "fix" that Visible set up this week involves accessing vm thru * not only do I have to waste time entering a password and waiting to hear the automated reading of the phone #, date/time, and duration, but I have to restart my phone to get rid of the vm notification icon.


What are my options? I have spent hours trying to solve this problem. At one point, a Visible rep bounced me to Motorola, but the Motorola rep said that this is a carrier issue because the carriers are responsible for voice mail. I have been a satisfied Visible customer until this point in time, but the current "fix" is not workable and my "upgraded" phone is providing a much worse customer experience for a basic function.


I have the same phone and have not had any issues with voicemail, but it has been a while since I have had a voicemail as I rarely get calls, when I do it is usually spam and most don't leave a message, some are 30 seconds of blank recording.


I have some suggestions for you to check or try. Open the phone app, go to voicemail, click the 3 dots upper right>settings>voicemail> is visual voicemail turned on? I think this needs to be on to get the notifications but not sure. Next, on this page click notifications and make sure it is on. Go back to last page, click advanced settings then click setup and make sure *86 is showing in the voicemail number. Can't think of anything else to look for.


Did customer service re-provision your SIM? If they didn't maybe ask for them to do that. I would have to think that one of the agents had to have done this. 


Thanks for your reply!


The voicemail settings are set as you describe. The SIM card had been reprovisioned a few times. The problems continue.