Need to reclaim email address but can't figure out how to do so


Somebody signed up with Visible and entered my email address, likely thinking it was fake. I tried using the digital assistant, but it cannot help with this. After being unable to find a phone number, i tried to login using my email address and picked forgot password, but it appears to send a SMS message to the phone number that the account was registered with, so that doesn't work.


How can I get my email address removed from the account owner?


Intermediate III

You'd need to contact Visible through Chat, X or Facebook:

Note that the Chat starts with a robot, Connai, which can be difficult to get through to a live agent but I just tried choosing other when prompted How can we help you? and typed forgot email address. Then Was prompted with other choices one of which was Unable to login to account  and it put me directly into the live agent queue...

You might also want to try a private message to VisibleCareSupport at:

Good luck I suspect there's someone out there wondering why they never got a confirmation email or something like that. Unfortunately, Visible doesn't have phone support.


I think the individual likely wanted to effectively get the use of burner phone number without paying for it. As a guess, they got 30 days of use of a phone number without paying.


The email thing happens enough with various companies that I am quite sure the person who did it, did so deliberately, not wanting to ever see an email. If you ask somebody to make up a dummy email that meets the simple test of, does it have a .com etc. suffix, and an "@" sign, a surprising number of people will enter a user id of "quack" and a domain name of "".


I do have an update. After getting an email saying the account was being suspended for non-payment, I used Twitter to contact customer care, which resulted in a private chat.  the response was, the only one that can change the email address is the account owner. Quite a paradox. After getting the same response several times,  I looked up Visible's privacy policy, which says I have the right to demand my data be deleted, sent an email to the address in the privacy policy, and pasted the text of that email into the chat. The person (at first i thought it was a bot).  The live chat rep told me the case was being escalated, and provided a case number (which at least would allow me to provide it to an email thread if i get a response.

By now you've seen Visible is AI driven with it's chatbot and if directed to a "live agent" they stick to scripted responses. Anything outside of the scripts is frustrating at best. Hopefully escalation puts you through to real intelligence, rational thought and someone capable of going off script.

P.S. Hopefully the irony of thinking you were a bot isn't lost on that individual.