coverage in Slade, Kentucky area


been using visible without issue in Dayton, Ohio area.

Recently travelled to Slade, Kentucky.

No service at all. hint of any connection.

I want a refund.

All the coverage maps show 4G LTE in that area.

I wish it were so. The maps are false, or please explain why my phone did not recieve any signal.


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Are you on the older $25 cloud based plan or the new $30 / $45 plan.

With the newer plans ”Members can access a premium network experience including extended coverage areas and new roaming capabilities, meaning there will be more places where you’ll have network access. ”

yes, I am on older plan.

I think you need the newer plans for domestic roaming. Not bad for just $5 more . Good luck. 

I think the newer plan does not include domestic roaming, you only get better access to the Verizon network 

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FWIW, this is the Verizon domestic roaming FAQ. I think we get this service with the $30/$45 plan