how come I have tried support multiple times, different times, always waiting 45+ minutes to reach

Novice II

Support is extremely lacking, what is going on!?  I have used support 2+ years ago and wait times were not more than 15 minutes, now it's 45 minutes, still several waiting, then I fall asleep/leave for work/get distracted/etc...  Already once waited way over an hour without help!!!


No phone support is already bad, but now extreme waits for a text support... Verizon is trying to really cut corners now with Visible under Verizon is what I am truly seeing and believing.  



Try Facebook messenger. It work for me the last time and a reply took 45 minutes. I sent the message at bedtime and when I woke up they had responded in 45 minutes. Now about 6 hours later I then replied and was surprised someone responded to my questions within a few minutes.


I think with so many that have ported into Visible in the last year it has put a strain on support. I have only used chat about 4 times and 3 were last year and I remember 20 minutes. A month ago I needed to get a problem fixed with ordering and also had questions about the new plan. It was a Sunday afternoon and it took 45 minutes, 30 for the status bar to change to a count down from 50 and another 15 minutes give or take to get to me. It is sad but price we pay for a cheap plan. I just ran a similar plan through Verizon and it would cost me $90 per month not including tax. That is why I am here.