iPhone 14 plus upgrade


I upgraded from a XS   MAX to a 14 Plus.  Purchased from Apple.  Did all the transfer and since I am trading in my old phone I did a factory reset.  My phone number was not transferred and so after spending hours on the phone I went here and saw that I needed to leave the legacy plan. So I did that.  I also was able to order a SIM card through that process.  I thought iPhone 14 does not take sim so not sure what I am going to do when that arrives.  So now I cannot download the app and the website will not let me in.  It is a me problem because my husband has no issues.  So I thought of just opening a totally new account but cannot even log in.  Has anyone found transferring a success with a iPhone 14 plus?  I now have both phones running - one for cell and one for everything else. 😂 


Intermediate II

Why you can't download the Visible application?