iPhone SE (2nd)


I have an iPhone SE (2nd edition). I am utilizing eSim and a Sim card to enable two lines on the same device. Setup (months ago) went smoothly, and I did not initially seem to encounter any problems. However, shortly thereafter, I was unable to make a call. I simply received a "call Failed" notice on my phone. The resolution that I discovered was to open Settings..Cellular...SIMs...and turn each line off-then back on. I have now discovered that I must do this daily! When I do this, I often receive a slew of Voicemails and Text messages that I missed!


I previously had no problem with this when I was with T-Mobile.


Other than transferring to a new service, does anyone know of a resolution to this?  I really don't want to change phones! 



You should contact Visible support via Twitter or Facebook.


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