iPhone or Android?


Hi!  I got my sim card yesterday and activated my phone with no problem. I am trying Visible on a trial basis for a month to see how the service is and if it's as good as "they" say we will be switching all 5 of our lines to Visible.  I have always used Android phones but we had an extra iPhone laying around so I am using that.  I thought I would switch to an iPhone when I get a new phone, but there is so much to learn not sure it's worth it.  Anyway, any advice from anyone about Android vs. iPhone would be much appreciated.  I've been thinking about the iPhone 13 mini...anyone using that?  What about Androids?  What's best?  We are currently with Verizon with 5 lines and our bill is about $250/mo so this would be a nice savings IF the service is as good as they advertise.  Any honest answers about how Visible is would be greatly appreciated.  It seems too good to be true...and you know what they say ๐Ÿค”  Thanks for any help!


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Hi Susie,

My husband and I have been using Visible for about two years and are very happy.  We often use our personal hotspots because our internet service (Wave) is so bad.  If you've been with Verizon, you should get the same coverage.  We were always with AT&T before.  With Visible we have very reliable and strong signal, very few dropped calls, and you can't beat the price.


As for Android vs IOS, that's a personal choice.  I was always Android until about 2 years ago when I bought an iPhone 8+.  Oh. My. Goodness! I love the iPhone and can't even remember how to use Android phones anymore.  iPhones are super easy to use.  Really.  The learning curve is almost flat. Also, they don't come filled with bloatware that you can't delete.  I was always having to delete pictures and texts on my Android because I kept running out of storage.  The system files took up something like 3gig.  None of that with iPhone. Plus you get Facetime, which is fun, and you can see when your texts have been received and/or read.  Come on over to the "Dark Side" Susie!  We have cookies, LOL!


Edited to add: The cameras on the iPhone 12 and 13 are amazing!  If you are into photography, you will love it.  I can't justify the purchase just yet.  My current phone works fine but the camera isn't great.

Thanks for your very informative reply Sherry...lots of good info to ponder.  I appreciate your taking the time!