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HI Team,

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HI Guys, Srry I don't recommend this service. One of the worst service i have experienced. All of sudden the signal lost and it doesn't comeback even you restart the phone and you open a ticket with customer they say they will reset provide a signal and when you ask what happen they say the service is good now don't worry nothing we don't see. if you pressure them then will send an email for relief we are working provide an update in 24 HRS and try to be honest. this is the good thing they will send it everyday, so nothing you see any progress.


I have problems with 3 way call forwarding the same emails comes to my mailbox every day, if i pressure they will send an email saying we will resolve in 4 Hrs and next day same routine.


I don't recommend it


The code also doesn't work by mid of August. Please don't use this service