New Terms for Party Pay- HIGH IMPORTANCE

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Visible seems to have fleshed out the new terms of Party Pay. They're important so I'll leave a link for anyone to read in the description


Key Notes
A: Party Pay remains available to you (switch parties) as long as you stay on Visible Unlimited


B: Party Pay functions (mostly) as it did before the misleading locked in Promo (discount depends on 4 active members)


C: Visible reserves the right to change the name/details of a party, suppress a party from discovery by other members, and/or dissolve a party, with or without notice to you, for any reason at all, including (but not limited to) if the name is inappropriate, offensive, or derogatory or infringes on the rights of any other person or entity. Any decision to alter or dissolve a party or party’s name/details is at Visible’s sole discretion


I personally recommend anyone missing members immediately disband and migrate to the largest Party they can find. Feels like it should be illegal to not notify users of changes like this since it impacts our experience and wallet.


I'm not sure when one of my members left, but I haven't received any notifications that it would impact my bill nor have I received notifications about the update to Party Pay Terms and Agreements



This update to the Party Pay program was updated October 13 at the following link.

Visible’s and Visible + FAQ


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