Nervous about possible goodbye from Visible

Novice III



I think I was a good member of visible community by coming up with a data desert clause.  Unfortunately it takes a long time for Verizon and the FCC to approve it.  


A few days ago I discovered an error on the visible community that prevented people from typing in anything all because of a two-letter "bad word" that occurs within a very common word associated with Visible Wireless.


I understand the most members of the visible Community it's about a cellular phone that's affordable and has Unlimited cellular data.


However to me it was about replacing my DSL with a 5 MB in 5 MB out hotspot that works with Nintendo.


I've been getting offers from Fly by Night cellular companies that team off the big cellular networks that advertise $50 for unlimited 5G but then have a lot of clauses like lower priority a penalty speed that's worse than visible's 5 Meg.


Now I find out when I call the magenta company directly if you could show you live in a data desert, they have a deal that puts the fiber company that wants to move in to shame.


Currently our home Internet situation is I'm using visible as a whole modem for $25 a month and getting five Meg in five Meg out.  My dad is paying for DSL for the rest of the family $35 for 1.6 Meg in 400k out.


If we pull our resources we can afford the $50 a month.  Of course that means getting rid of visible to pay for it because I'm on Social Security.


I noticed something very quirky on visible.  When I have downloaded over a hundred gig in a month, and I try to use it as a phone I've been getting many errors.  It's like the priority is so low that I get thrown off the phone.


That behavior would probably change if we had a good home internet.


Now I just got a question whether visible with a lower priority on the red Network is better than my mom's cellular deal of four cellulars on a high priority blue Network.


The only thing I'd give up if I left visible would be playing Nintendo switch online on the road and streaming online at the same time.


I don't know if that kind of niche feature is worth paying 25 bucks a month for when I would get my home needs met and then some.


The problem with the blue network is that they have zero hotspot and if you add hotspot they limit it by quantity and ask you to feed the meter.


I guess I could check to see if there's any federal or state subsidies for both cellular and internet.  Who knows, it might pay for itself and not force me to abandon visible.


I want to say it's been great being with you guys.  We definitely had a lot less internet arguments in our family  over the last year because of visible. (Amazing, four people sharing 1.6 megabits in 400 kilobits out.  Asking permission to use the internet was, as they say in the old west, "them's fightin' words".)   And I think everyone in our house loves visible for that alone, even the other 3 who don't use it or pay for it.  


I hope you guys understand that this is not like a marriage,  where you're ideally supposed to be in it for life. (Though it's happening less and less often). One of visible's terms is pay by the month as you come, in other words a maximum of one month commitment paid in advance. 


I don't want people to think that I abandon loyalty out of nitpicky stuff.  Going from 5 Meg in 5 meg out to 25 mag to 1 gig in and half that out is a chance of a lifetime that's only afforded to people who've been in data deserts for so long.


If this goes according to play and the last month I'll pay for is March.  The family wants to see if it's good as advertised.


They have burnt us before with a magical four house wide blind spot to their 4G network when they were the yellow brand.  My phone worked well everywhere except my home.


They said they added 5G.


I was kind of hoping I could do this by myself with the visible data desert clause.  Unfortunately relations between visible and Verizon and the FCC is a very slow long three-way dance.


I don't know if the magenta Network has terms that the other two networks don't about data deserts.  I think when the government approved that merger they also opened it up for the other two networks and their third party resellers (like Visible) to get data desert customers.  I hope it's not a special privilege only given to the magenta Network and their third party resellers.