Party Pay broken


So I found out that someone left my party when my bill was $30 instead of $25. When I tried to access my party to get a link to invite a new member the info was not showing. I couldn't add a member and couldn't join another party so I left my party, but It shows I have one less member (me) and I still can't join another party and now my bill will be $35! We should be notified when a member leaves, not when we get billed. Why make this so complecated? Just give us a low price-no gimmicks!



This happened to many people on Visible, including me.


Contact Visible via one of their social media channels. Explain what is going on. They likely can fix it on the spot, it not within 24 to 48 hours.


Mention to them that you never received an email that a member dropped out (check your SPAM folder first) and maybe they will give you a credit for the lack of notification. No promises.


Consider joining a larger group so that this does not happen again. I don't have a recommendation, but now Visible lists large group groups and you no longer need to wait for approval to join.


Best of luck