Request to join a large Party

Newbie II

I would like to switch my party to a larger party.  Not sure how to do it.




Each individual would have to leave the current party then join a new party.  I don't know if the monthly fee is temporarily effected or not....Can you let me know?


if you need a party?






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Additional information needed?

Intermediate III

Just use the Visible app on your phone or sign into your account at and find Party Pay. There is a red outlined rectangle that reads Leave Party. Choose that and be sure that you have left your old party and signed up with your new party well before your next payment date.


I found Visible Party Pay terms & conditions here: Supplemental Terms | Visible


In the terms & conditions is this:

"5. If a member joins a party or switches from one existing party to another party, that member will immediately begin enjoying the new party’s rate at their next payment date. The only exception is for an member using autopay who is trying to join a new party within 36 hours prior to their payment due date. In this scenario, the member will enjoy the new party’s rate the month following their next payment."


You are welcome to join the Party Pay party! Pay