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Learner II

For new customers, enter the referral code 3MPDLCV during checkout, you will get $20 off your first month. Signing up access link ( ).
Through Nov 29, you can use 15OFF code at check out if you choose Visible+ plan.
My experiences with the service:
I have selected the basic plan. Tested, data speed in my area is 40 Mbps - 70 Mbps. Good for playing Youtube videos at high resolution, browsing webs and streaming. Phone calls, video calls are clear. I have sent text messages reliably.
Occasionally slow
This plan is enough for me at a low price. I have got $20 off the $30 plan, so I paid $10 for the first month, I have got unlimited data, hotspots, unlimited call, text messages… no cap. I am very satisfied.