Has anyone actually been able to byod this service.   The imei checker rejects every phone I've tried and it's been over 30 of them. Apparently there's no BYOD that works with the service. I give up.


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Worked for me with Google Pixel 8. What phones are you trying?

I'll have to try that one.  I want yo buy an unlocked used phone and I've checked at least 30 imei numbers before I bought it and visual denied all of them.  Google pixel was not one of them.   Which model do you have? 

Google Pixel 8 non-Pro version. Unlocked.

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Visible doesn't play favorites with Android phones. About the only Android phone is Pixel, it has to manufacture unlocked though as I have read that some carrier unlocked phones won't pass. Samsung is 50/50 shot on if it shows compatible. Motorola is a no go, they make and program phones for Visible with model number unique to Visible so only phone sold by Visible in 2022 to present will be in the database.


One thing to point out is that phone that show not compatible will likely still work on Visible, it would depend on how old the phone is though as some features in older phone won't work such as visual voicemail, wi-fi calling and even hotspot. I was also told by Visible if I am not using an approved phone and I have issues with service they can deny helping me.