New Visible+ user. Coming from 2 years on Mint.

  • I loved the price on Mint Mobile on the T-Mobile network, but I struggled with bad calling areas the whole 2 years. Once they get you onboard with the pay for six months and get six months free, it's hard to look at paying more for service, even if there are several areas where you cannot make calls. I finally got sick of losing half of the words in every conversation. It made it very frustrating to try and carry on conversations. I travel 3 days a week and require a better network. I tried US Mobile on the Warp 5G Verizon network and had nothing but trouble, not with the network, but with US Mobile. I complained about dropping calls and they said I had to open an incognito tab on Chrome to sign in on their website. What? That would fix my phone calls. Of course, it didn't do anything, but get me to leave. I spent 5 days of their 100-day free trial and then had to practically beg them to give me my account number and transfer PIN to leave them. I liked the coverage of the Verizon network, so I did more research and found Visible. I went ahead and got the Visible+ because it was $10 off per month and I drive around in the 5G Ultra Wide coverage area all day. Very happy so far, even switched my wife from Mint Mobile to the Visible basic prepaid plan - she doesn't drive around all day and was using less than 5 GB of data per month. Looking forward to hearing from other Visible users in the Houston Metro area about your experiences with Visible. Chaplain_Sam

Intermediate II

Visible service on the Verizon network is top notch!