SMS Texts

Novice II

1. Can’t receive or send messages

2. I have an IPhone 12 max pro and I know its compatible 

3. unable to verify account because it asks for sms code.

4. Fix the problem or I go to another carrier. This problem has been going on for 48 hours unacceptable 


Novice II

Chatted with tech support last night he told me to text TRANSACT to 67777.

Novice III

Texting HELP and TRANSACT to 67777 didn't work and they knew it.  Made me waste hours to finally admit they have a problem.  Is Verizon having this problem or is it isolated to just the Visible customer?


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Verizon is having issues also. They also had issues of backed up activations also and they recommended not to make any changes to the plan or accounts until after the outages are fixed. 

I am at a Verizon store,  there texting is working.  This has been since Monday night.  Dumping visible, of course they don't want you to dump them.

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Not everyone's texting is down on Verizon or Visible, it is random and I have not saw a common denominator as to why. I am on an android phone, my sister has iPhone and on Verizon and I have been able to text back and forth with her the last 2 days. 

Just an FYI, did a search about this and it appears that it has happened to the big companies in the past so it is not to say another either of the other carriers. Good luck with your new carrier.