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UK credit cards and Paypal all fail

four payment methods entered and approved by the system. Each one fails at checkout.Even my US debit card fails probably because its registered to a uk address Anyone know a way round this?Chris


Has anyone actually been able to byod this service. The imei checker rejects every phone I've tried and it's been over 30 of them. Apparently there's no BYOD that works with the service. I give up.

Switching phones while on deal

If I sign up for the 24 month Visible+ $35 deal with my own phone, can I switch to another phone (also not purchased from Visible) at any time?

m100psi by Novice
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New promotion availability

I just joined Visible about six weeks ago and I see they have a new promotion with a lower price for 24 months. But they will not give it to current customers. This seems very unfair and I want to know if any current customers have been able to use t...