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Welcome Overview

So you're new here? Introduce yourself and share what you love about Visible. Not into bearing your soul? Here is an icebreaker you can follow. Describe your cellphone wallpaper Teleportation or flying? What brings you to Visible? Also for existing m...


Port from US Mobile Not Eligible for Promotion?

Hi, I just ported in from US Mobile. I bought a new iPhone and thought I would be receiving the $200 promo with the free airpods. I have now just discovered that US Mobile is not an eligible port-in carrier to receive the promo. Why is this>

I just joined visible

After I moved over (9/21/22) I did see some negative posts about some previous bad experiences moving to visible so I felt compelled to say my transfer was a breeze! So what ever issues they may have had they have obviously addressed. This included t...


looks like I will leave before my number gets ported. I have been waiting 8 days and if this is the way Visible is ran, I am over it. I can not talk to a real person and the money saved will not be worth the stress