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I would like to suggest a solution with initial account set up.  Customer support should have the ability to reset or delete an account at the initial set up stage (buying a new phone, bring an old,checking phone compatibility, ESIM/SIM ordering etc...).  I have 5 phones to set up and have already ran into an issue with one account not removing a SIM card order properly and not allowing for the option of ESIM set up.  Starting over with a new email address isn't a solution, but rather a work around because customer service lacks the ability to rest/delete freshly created accounts.  Additional, this solution reduces the amount of useless accounts that are taking up digital storage space.

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Yes I see where you come from but Visible could find a solution for this. 

There may be other compliance related things too that visible may need to adhere to.


For big carrier postpaid you give out your SSN then they send you bills. But for prepaid no such hassles. May be different policy for compliance (I am not an expert in those but guessing)