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Bare minimum of a cellular phone is to call, text.

Sometimes I (along with many Visible users) face call drops, call failure. I cannot find a pattern on when this call drops occur. I request Visible to look into this issue and fix this.

These happen even when connected to WiFi (using WiFi calling feature).


Please pass it to respective teams about frequent call drops. I never had a single call drop with my previous service provider. After coming to visible lots of call drops.

It is frustrating when you are speaking the call and hear beep, beep, beep and the screen displays call failed.


I know that calls over LTE is a digital data. So Visible allocates constant bare minimum bandwidth with Verizon that too for calls, text at least would solve the problem.

I dont know how the Visible architecture works. But please, please look into it. It may help a lot of Visible users.

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Agree!  Terrible in St. Louis, MO. lately as well.  Visible, fix it or I'll go back to another Verizon service provider that works.

Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

I agree this is a real problem.  I hope it gets looked at However with the poor role out of the new plans I think they have more issues.  I've seen several people with problems.  Some even left Visible.Terible all  around.