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Well I just chatted with customer service and they told me that Visible has no customer relations department so I should just post about my situation here as "feedback" if I'm not happy with their service.


Knowing that no one with any influence will actually read this or do anything about it, I will still feel better by posting my "feedback" and it will help me gather my thoughts for a more formal complaint to the FTC.


Suggestion 1: When you market a promotion to a customer and add it to the applicable promotions on the account, you should actually honor the promotion. Finding something in the fine print that gets you out of it is just slimy and doesn't change the fact that you advertised the promotion as an incentive and then didn't honor it.


Suggestion 2: When you do screw something up, try and fix it. Just saying "sorry that's the way it is and no one will listed if I try to escalate your concern" tells the customer that you don't care at all. Not enough to even pretend to care.


I guess those are all the necessary suggestions. I can't imagine a company that is shortsighted enough to lose a customer over something so small as a $50 gift card, but apparently that is the case with Visible as I will now be finding a new provider that I can trust.