Not able to send pic using text to yahoo email address but able to send text


I am new to visible, n just got a new phone Visible ZTE Blade A3 Prime through swapping phone.   i cant send pic to my yahoo email address but. i can send text to my yahoo email address. with other phone or with other carrier i am able to send pic to my yahoo email through same text function n same step.

i enter email address n i attach the pic, n i never receive it.

i also ask my friend to send me text with picture to my yahoo email address to eliminate possibility of yahoo mail problem, i do receive the pic from other phone with pic attachment,


can anyone help. i have this phone for 7 days n i can only return for refund within 14 days. I dont know if I want to return for refund as I port my number into visible.

 Thank you very much for u help.


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Hey there!

The Visible Care Team would be the best resource to help resolve the issue that you're experiencing with your multimedia messages. They can be reached through the Live Chat option on the website, Facebook (Visible Mobile), or Twitter (@VisibleCare).