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5G Samsung Galaxy S21 IMEI not found...anyone have an IMEI I can borrow?


The compatibility check on Visible's site cannot determine if my unlocked 5G Samsung Galaxy S21 (SM-G991U1) is compatible. Chatting with someone from support, they confirmed that my phone is compatible, but that the IMEI is not being found for some reason.


The alternative they suggested was to find a Visible member who has an IMEI I can use for the compatibility check so I can clear that step in the ordering process. Does anyone have an IMEI they can share with me so I can get signed up?




Visible Employee

I'll give you a little trick you can use... just tell the system you have a new-ish iPhone (iPhones don't need an IMEI) and the system will send you the SIM in the mail and then you can see if works.  

As @baturro asked, will that iPhone SIM work with my Samsung Android phone? It's a sweet little workaround if it does.

Yep it will work provided the phone is compatible

Novice III

A sim meant for a iPhone will work in an android phone?

yep it will work provided your phone is compatible