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Introducing the Orbic Joy on Visible

Introducing the super awesome ORBIC®️ JOY smartphone! This little guy is all about meeting your mobile needs with its water-repellent1 design that saves you from life's spills, a long-lasting battery2 with Quick Charge for endless fun, a grand 6.1" d...

Google Pixel 7a Megathread

Hey there! Are you guys excited about the new Google Pixel 7a phone? It's got some really cool feature. With a big 6.1-inch display and up to 90Hz refresh rate, you'll have an amazing viewing experience while gaming or streaming. And don't even get m...

Thinking of switching from verizon

I wanted to see if my phone will be compatible when I finish paying it off because I still owe a few hundred dollars on it but when I put in the imei number it says it's compatible and all set to get started? How is that possible? Can I switch over a...

compatible devices

I have been a Visible customer for 2+ years. I wanted to set up another account. I want a used phone. Visible says they have used phones, but the only thing ever there is a few used Iphones, never any Android. I used Visible's compatibility list, pur...

Geno by Novice
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S20 Note Ultra

Is anyone having succes using the Note 20 ultra with the upgraded service? I was using a note 9, then ported my primary Verizon number over to my existing account. Basically just changed the phone number. The port rendered my phone useless even thoug...

7thPrime by Novice II
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Multiple connections on hotspot?

So I get that Visible officially only allows one connection per mobile hotspot but there are many people, including myself, that have phones which do allow multiple connections. You can't do a lot with 5mbps spread across multiple devices BUT it allo...

Hotspots by Novice II
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Visible sent a second phone by mistake

I have been a visible customer for some time now. I got my wife to switch from a different carrier to Visible. I ordered a phone for her through Visible. I attempted to purchase the phone 3 separate times in "cart checkout" but my bank declined due t...

I successfully activate a new SIM in a noncompatible phone.

I am going to repost this here also. I think it is ridiculous that Visible says our phones are not compatible just to make us buy phones from them when they actually will work on the new plans. I am not a tree hugger or not that environmentally green...

skibik by Superuser
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