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Will a Samsung galaxy S 22 ultra that is unlocked and compatible with AT&T Verizon, t-Mobile, cricket, metro PC, and others work on your system? I don’t have the IEDI number because I have not yet purchased the phone.

My Experience Thus Far

I currently have a grandfathered plan from TMO, which was their 10 Gig per line family plan. After realizing they didn’t really care about retaining customers that refused to switch to plans that were several hundred more per month, I decided to try ...

iPad will NOT connect to iPhone hotspot

Sometimes I get an error message on my iPad when I try to connect it to my iPhones hotspot that says: “The network is temporarily unavailable. Try again later.”Usually I can restart the iPhone (and iPad sometimes too) and then the iPad will connect. ...

Payoff of Existing Device Transfer

When I ported my number over from Verizon Wireless, I brought my own phone, and there was a balance owed that now appears to be due in full. So, I brought my own phone to the party but apparently that didn't include the balance owed ... is this corre...

iPhone 15 Megathread

Hey, have you had a chance to check out the latest iPhone 15 lineup from Apple? They introduced some intriguing upgrades. Which is your favorite update or which features caught your attention?

Check out the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 on Visible

Discover the all-new Galaxy Z Flip5 - a phone that seamlessly merges style and innovation. With a full cover screen, this compact device allows you to interact, preview photos, and access widgets even while folded. Its Flex Mode reimagines capturing ...