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I have been reading these post on here with a huge headache trying to get Visible to work. I have a NON VZW pixel phone. I downloaded Verizon Message + and all of a sudden I can make calls and text. Crazy try this as a solution let me know if it work...

Multiple Apple Watches

I have two Apple watches (a 3 and a 6, both on the latest watchOS) - can I use both of them with my iphone? want to know before I switch over.

mrnotes by Novice
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New Subscribers Beware

Future Subscribers BewareIn short, I've been a Visible subscriber for years, but if you need customer service just good luck with that. I got a new iPhone 14 Max Pro and need an eSIM to activate it. I tried going through the process myself, but my ph...

Resolved! OnePlus 8

I have a OnePlus 8 phone that I used with visible about a year ago but left service because of location. I now what to come back and the compatibility check said that it isn't compatible anymore. Could someone let me if they using the OnePlus 8

Android watches

Will Android users ever get an answer on when we can use our watches? Some people don't like apple devices and not fair to us Android people that visible seems to favor Apple over us. Think they been supporting apple watches for 1 year or more now......

SJS0421 by Novice II
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Customer service causes me confusion

I don’t understand when I’m given a phone number that is active under another person and then give it another phone number same thing finally giving a third number that seems to be clear of other users and then I asked for the caller ID to reflect my...

MiOlive by Novice
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Apple Watch without family setup

Hello, I understand the $5/month plan for a watch is as a connected device sharing the iPhone number. Since Visible does not support family setup is there anyway to pay full monthly service price for the watch and let it have its own number and be it...

sevich by Novice
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