I have used visible for some time but today I can’t send or receive calls. The error message stated my phone is not activated


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You didn't say what phone you have. If it has a SIM card try removing SIM and reinserting it and see if it resets. Only other thing I can say is try customer service via chat, Facebook messenger or Twitter. I recommend Facebook.

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How long have you had visible ? What phone do you have ?


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I hope that you've been able to activate your phone by now.  I had a similar issue, and after a month of trying, I was finally able to get my new iphone 11 activated.  I had had service with Visible for 2 yrs 3 months on my Google Pixel 4A  when I change/upgrade to an iPhone 11.  


As of last night, 1.7.2023, after a month of attempting to get my iphone 11 activated on Visible, I did one last ditch attempt. I first logged in to Visible and requested to port my number, which is what you have to do to move it. I was angry enough to move my service so that I could have a functioning phone if one more chat (after many hours & many chats) didn't get me someone who could fix my phone so I could use it! 

I was Customer #43 in Chat Line, so I thought, why not switch the SIM card from the old phone  to the new phone.  The old PSim was supposed to have been deactivated when they had me try an eSIM on the new iphone.  And it was! I wasn't even able to login to the app on phone or pc once I deleted that eSim, which wasn't working either!  So, I had to message them on FB Messenger to get help!
When I installed the old PSIM (deactivated) into the old phone, the Pixel lit up, I was able to login to Visible, and I say that it switched my device on my profile in my Visible app back to the Google Pixel.  I was able to text and call from the Pixel. 
So, then I switched that PSIM back to the iphone 11, and tested it there.  Just as my chat # came up (I'd been #43 when I began this last chat), I was able to get texts and make a call from the iphone.  This last chat person then did some work on the back end, and I'm in business.  She seemed surprised that this was an issue, so I told her to go look at Visible Forums or to tell her managers to look at it. 
So, the good news is:  I can now stay with Visible, as long as my phone can send/receive calls and texts.  The minute that changes, I'll have to move to AT&T, because I've missed so many business calls. Luckily, it was December, and I was out of the country for 10 days, but who knows how many other calls I missed.  So, Keep Trying! The Chat folks won't admit it (probably can't), but there is a serious issue with phone activations since they rolled out the new plans, and many people, even existing customers like me, are having issues with it.  Luckily for them, I had enough time to sit on the pc, and work on my phone this weekend, or I'd have had to port my number out. Even so, if you read these forums, there are many whose numbers are being held hostage when they try to port their numbers out.