Android Watch

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Not supporting Android watches is not fair to the android customers. Not everyone uses or liked Apple. And not having anyone on visible chat know when or if android watches will ever be supported is not nice. Not an option to switch to Apple watch is brand new 4/21 capability of the cellular on watches and phone is new. I will switch providers before I buy all new devices if something doesn't happen soon with watches for android prople.


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It does seem odd that Visible does not support the Android Watch at this point.  Maybe your post will spur them on to be more inclusive.



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I am thinking if they don't provide Android watch support by mid 2022, I will likely switch carriers. With phones getting bigger, I would really love not having to carry phone and just get notifications on watch.

First be pacient.  I suspect at some point they will probably support Android watches.  As for your point of not giving a time frame.  We have no idea of the work that goes into the back end to making these things work on the network.  So lets say  as an example say they said android watches would be supported in 12 hours or in a day.  AGAIN THIS IS EXAMPLE ONLY!!!!!  If in 12 hours or a day it isn't supported how many complaints would they have?  That is why time frames aren't given.

I agree this will not happen it would appear.  However name me any prepaid carrier that supports android watches?

I can't name one, nor have I done any recent research into this, but this is no excuse for Visible not supporting them. 


At this point, staying with a Verizon company directly seems like the best idea for me. Visible is still a great deal. 


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Not as much demand, multiple android watches to support. Supporting the apple watch first will bring in customers. Probably not worth it to visible to divert respurces to supporting android watches at the moment but we can hope!

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Crap! This is concerning as I happily just upgraded from my BT Galaxy Watch 4 to a new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro/LTE version (hoping) to simply xfer my 2nd hardly used line I have with AT&T from a different Android phone to the watch for an 'add-on' type deal such as it seems T-Mobile for example does for $5 mo. Now during setup of my new Galaxy 5 Pro Watch, it got to the eSimm option/part and quickly errored out complaining my carrier - Visible doesn't support it! Please don't make me port out again 😢


Still no support from Visible for Android watches and it's mid 2023. Ridiculous. I guess it Google Fi for me.


Still unable to find any update from Visible if this is in scope for the near future. I would make sense if they didn't support apple. Maybe they didn't have the pricing or infrastructure figured out... But they clearly do. Apple is not alien technology it would be a very similar process to onboard Android. This was not listed on any of the cons for switching to Visible. Definitely worth shopping elsewhere.

I asked in chat today about this as I ordered a Galaxy Watch 6 classic to replace my old fitbit. The deal I got it was only around $45 more for the LTE version so I went for it.  My hope is that they soon will support it as Samsung is popular though not as popular as Apple in the US.  


The person responding on Facebook messenger said its no available currently. I urged them to pass it up that I've been a loyal customer of the service with 2 lines and I'm very interested in have the same services as Apple devices.  They said it might happen in the future. Until then I will be still able to use the BT and wifi on the Watch. 

Face it. This is never gonna happen in our lifetimes. Completely confused as to why this is.