Any cheap compatible "feature phones"?


Hi all!


I'd like to be able to try out a "feature phone" (aka "d**b phone") with my visible service and I'm wondering


1. Is this possible

2. If so, what specific features do I need to look for to make sure a phone I purchase is compatible

3. Any specific recommendations?


A flip phone would be ideal, candy bar would be OK. I'm just looking for a super basic phone that won't break if dropped and can be used to make basic phone calls and (not even really required) send text messages.


I've heard that VoLTE may be a required / something to look for, but I'd guess there is more to it (?). Would a modern VoLTE phone that works with Verizon be compatible with Visible? 


Thanks in advance for any help!


Novice II

I don't think a feature phone will work on visible. All the compatible phones seem to be smartphones. Please see the list below.