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We have two lines and one phone is compatible but the other isn't. We need new phones but need to keep our existing phone numbers due to work and Lifeline for elderly parent. What is the best process to move forward

Bahamas Coverage

I will be travelling to the Bahamas. Will I have coverage with Visible? NOT Wifi calling, but actual cell coverage with data? I will be in a location without Wifi.

Checking out an item

I am new to visible, and I tried to purchase a unit and a plan. However, it would not let me "check-out".I need help.

My Experience Thus Far

I currently have a grandfathered plan from TMO, which was their 10 Gig per line family plan. After realizing they didn’t really care about retaining customers that refused to switch to plans that were several hundred more per month, I decided to try ...

Visible cannot solve port in problem

Like many others, I also had a terrible experience with Visible. For 14 days, they struggled to port in my previous number, and no one seems to know what's going on, very unprofessional. It didn't get resolved (see below) and I just switched to US mo...