CAUTION on visible MasterCard phone deals

Novice III

I got screwed over when I ordered a OnePlus 8 while signing up for visible.

The phone had a special offer on it to get a $200 prepaid MasterCard after I paid for the 2nd month of service. 

FINE PRINT> when you transfer your number and buy the phone.

I didn't need a new number so I didn't think anything of it and didn't have a number to transfer.

Now visible wont honor the deal and are screwing me over on a 'gotcha' imho


Seems really <poopy> in my opinion.


Read that fine print.


Novice II

Visible also scammed me.  I had purchased Galaxy S21 and ported my number because of the $200 Samsung Gift Card.  After paying for two months, I'm being told that I don't qualify because my wireless company is not listed in their fine print.  Beware of this shady company!!!

fine print GOTCHA!!

it's really hard to understand for me because the card value was tied to the phone you selected not the phone plan, yes I know visible only has one plan, sort of


it just doesn't feel like fair play

That's an indication of dishonest company that's looking to deceive you in order to take your money


If you don't transfer a number that you have ported and most likely had for a long time your not invested in staying in most cases so you would take the money and run. All phone companies have these same rules so nobody got screwed it is common knowledge in the cell phone industry

Novice III

yea, not a very convincing argument

how vested is anyone when moving from one service to another with the same number is nearly trivial these days

a lot of people, me, use google numbers or a VoIP or sip to point to different numbers


to me, it's just a 'fine print' trap to screw people over