connecting apple watch- this worked for me


This is the survey response I sent after connecting with@visiblecare on Twitter*RMG responded to my Twitter message within a few minutes and was very patient and kind. I did not see their messages for 15 minutes and thought they had dumped me, but that was not the case. They stayed with me until I was connected to my watch. It took over an hour. My question is why did I get a message saying: NumberShare extensions cant be added to this type of account... call 8009220204, when I tried to connect my watch using the watch app on my iPhone? This # is Verizon. I spoke with 3 agents and none of them knew anything about Visible and were surprised to hear that Visible is part of Verizon. One finally encouraged me to contact you via twitter. I am not familiar with Twit so this was a challenge for me. The wait for a real person on your chat was very long ("Check back every 10 min"...really?). I have recommended Visible to many people b/c you are the best deal out there but I will caution anyone with a watch that getting connected can be a real pain. There are lots of complaints about this in your forums so it seems getting this fixed would be priority.

If you go this way here are some things they may ask for that you can get ahead of the chat to save time:

  • your name and email address for your account
  • your IOS version from Settings > General > About on your phone
  • screen shot of any error you have received
  • screen shot of >Settings Cellular from your phone

    Good luck!!

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