I tried setting up service two weeks ago with a Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G phone (same as my husbands phone). When I was going to set it up, Visible said my phone was compatible. I waited for a couple weeks after my husband got his plan set up to see if it was going to work well. Well it did, now when I go to order mine, Visible is telling me my phone is not compatible. Poor customer service for sure, as the answer I got was some phones are compatible and some are not. This just does not make sense if it was compatible before, how is it not today? Now we are going to be switching to a different cell carrier as I am not willing to deal with a company that does not want to work for their custo


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Same problem here only with a phone I bought from Visible last year, a Moto G Play(2021) I spent 45 minutes waiting on chat Sunday and another 20+ minutes and no real answer. I finally got someone to answer today on a Twitter DM I sent last Thursday and no real answer than this response: Many devices which were originally compatible with the old plan are no longer compatible with our new plans dues to the many changes that took place in the back-end, meaning network improvements and different updates from our engineers. The reason for this compatibility issue is that some features on our SIMs may not be supported by all devices, thus why it might take a little longer for our teams to ensure that each device is compatible.

If I check my IMEI number for compatibility on Verizon(who owns Visible) it is compatible on their plans which makes no sense. 

Yesterday I tried to buy a phone at half the price from eBay(Visible sells the identical model in their site now) and had the seller send me the IMEI number and I get this message when I check the phones compatibility it says "We anticipate that your phone will be compatible soon". I asked about this. They said their technicians are working as we speak to add as many devices as possible from the old list. So with that said our phones may or may not be compatible come December or January when we have to switch to one of the new plans. 


I think they want to sell you a phone which is why it is blacklisted. It is funny that they sell phones that have 2 to 3 year old technology with there 3 budget/cheap phones and mine that is only 15 months old doesn't have the right technology, how the person on chat put it. 

The plan is good customer service is the worst I have ever had to deal with.