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5g is horribly slow

Anyone recently been experiencing issues with 5g being unusable/terribly slow? Just noticed this about a week ago 9/24/22. Performed speed test at various locations with ping results being in the 500+ or will sometimes time out and not perform a test...

Old service carrier

I am unsure why I need to provide my old account information from my previous carrier?

kaylaz by Novice
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How to bring a phone and get a phone

I want to have 2 people on my plan, and either trade in 1 phone for new (or just get a new one). The other phone I will bring in to the plan.How do I do that? It seems like these are single (1 person) plans only when I try to set it up

jane by Novice
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So I brought my own old unlocked phone without a number and asked the app to generate one. It did. But the last three digits are 666. So I’m trying to figure out if I can “cancel” my incomplete order and try again for a different phone number. Or if ...

customer support

I switched from Google Fi because this is the only service where I can handle phone calls from hiking trails around Redding, CA. But man, any issue with the service is pure punishment. Customer Support is absolute garbage. Over an hour wait time. The...