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Purchasing Pixel 6 $200 Promotion

Hello:I recently ordered a Pixel 6, transferring my carrier to Visible. I know I need to make 3 months of payments before receiving the $200 gift card credit, but wondering if I were to pay the $75 up-front, if I'd receive it earlier. Thoughts?Thanks...

Wear OS watches support

Its great that you support Apple watch but I don't see myself ever switching from Android. I am loving the service and rate I get with Visible but I am contemplating if I should switch to someone else so I can have support for a Wear OS watch with LT...

Visible service

Just signed up. Will get my sim tomorrow I suppose. I'm currently using mint mobile and in Little Rock Arkansas, it's actually pretty good for 30 bux a month, but spotty in places. As an Uber driver, I want better service for the safety of my passeng...

Switching plans

Hello, my wife and I are currently with Verizon and paying too much. We have phones that we are making payments on. what is the process for us to get switched over? thanks,

Resolved! International Travel

I am not yet a Visible customer and this question is key to the decision... ATT has a program that allows me to purchase a "day pass" or "monthly pass" to call from Honduras to the USA. I recognize that Visible uses Verizon as its source so possibly ...

Visible Hiring Process Very Unprofessional

I applied for a position to work as chat support and I have to honestly say this was the worst hiring experience so far I have ever encountered here with Visible. I was told that I would be interviewing with the hiring manager for 2 weeks straight no...