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Dear moderators, time for some rules about cross posting and SPAMing the boards with offer codes

Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

If I keep visiting, and the same poster is sharing their referral code across multiple boards here, every few hours, it is time to reign this activity in.


No one should have to wade through multiple messages from the same poster, over a couple of hours.


Please clean the boards up. Thanks



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Novice III

beav i back you up on this. The person knows who they are and clearly has no life, believes they are holy(someone else in disguise), and tries too hard to get $5 monthly payment on their bill with referrals. ""Moderator allow members to only post a new conversation once a Day will fix this"

Thank you! I would like these boards to be a resource, not a SPAM filled waste of time. Though I do like the SPAM in the tin cans, yum.

I have found that if you click the little circle with the down arrow in the upper right of any message, you can select Report Inappropriate Content.  This has gotten a pretty quick response from Visible in the past when I have reported inappropriate posts.