Will my service be cut this year, if I don't change phone? Will these phones work? Thanks.


Current phone: ZTE Blade A7 Prime

This was a promo/free phone with the last update showing May 1, 2020. I'd like to find a phone that will get updates for a few years and be 5G capable. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.


OnePlus Nord N20(5G)

Moto G Stylus 5G





Not applicable

They still sell your phone so it should work with the new plans. You just need to get a new card for one of the two plans. Whatever phone you select you have to check the IMEI number on the phone to see if it compatible with Visible's new plans. I bought a phone from Visible last year, a Motorola Moto G Power(2021) and as of now it shows not compatible with these new plans rolling out and by finally getting through on chat and Twitter DM's it may become compatible but support couldn't say when or if it will. So getting a phone that will stay compatible with Visible for a few years might be hit or miss if they decide to make any upgrades to the system.


Even if the phone is factory unlocked it may not compatible with Visible even though Visible is owned by Verizon and the phone says it will work on Verizon's network. At least with Amazon you can buy the phone and when you receive it you can check the IMEI number to see if it is compatible with Visible. The IMEI might be on the box so you wouldn't even have to open it and you could send it back if it doesn't.