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I'm already a customer

Why can't I do what I need to get a Visible upgrade. This is so frustrating. I have tried everything and my service is going to be shut off. For the other phone it was easy, I just needed a new sim card. For the other account, I'm getting no place.

huffl by Novice
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Let's chat about customer service!

I was told Visible monitors these forums and I hope they do and actually read this. But I'm not holding my breath! Just spent over 2 hours chatting on FB messenger and still have not got my issue fixed. Only thing that surprised me was I got a respon...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Multifactor Authentication

Just as a heads up... as I was logging into my account this AM to pay my bill, it occurred to me what would have happened had I been unable to complete the login had I not been able to receive the now required SMS text code verification? Sorry, auto-...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Chat Wait Times Are Ridiculous

I can understand that chat support being an acceptable communication method, but the wait times need to be at most 20 minutes. It's often so long that they don't even give you a queue count number. I believe that means well over an hour! With the pri...

Anon by Novice III
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Android watches

Will Android users ever get an answer on when we can use our watches? Some people don't like apple devices and not fair to us Android people that visible seems to favor Apple over us. Think they been supporting apple watches for 1 year or more now......

SJS0421 by Novice II
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Resolved! Data locater

Does anyone know if a feature to see how much data you’ve used each month will be coming in the future?

What I would like to see from Visible

What I would like to see from Visible is more reliable service. Faster and useable data and hot spot that works reliably. There are times the data and hot spot is unusable. If they made these changes Visible would be an awesome service. I suspect you...